What is a Flight Case Used For?

Find out what is a flight case and what is it used for in this informative article written for all the newcomers in the industry.

Flight case is a common term you hear when you are traveling or transporting stuff. But not many know what they are specifically and also do not know what they do. So there is a bit of confusion around this case among the people. Because they wonder if it is a briefcase or a big case that transports items that are huge in size. And that is why we are here to clear out these confusions through this post. Because it contains all the information related to flight cases and what they do. So let’s start by finding out what they do first and later on we will discuss the options that are under this product.

What is a Flight Case?

image of a flight case

Also known as road cases or ATA cases, the flight case is an item that people use to transport valuable things while traveling or transporting. What separates these cases from normal briefcases and traveling cases is that flight cases have reinforced metal around them. Also, there are foams inside the flight case to provide more protection to the item that it carries inside. So these cases have become one of the primary tools to transport valuable items and machinery. As a result, there is a higher demand for these cases in the transportation industry.

And this is why they are also popular in this industry as road cases and ATA cases. But not many know the term ATA cases as it is not popular outside the transportation industry. So let’s find out what this term stands for next before heading out to learn what type of metals are used to make these flight cases.

What Does ATA Stand For in Cases?

The term ATA cases were introduced in the year 1960 and the ATA stands for Air Transport Association. Because in that time period ATA put forth some standards for cases to make sure the cases are fit and suitable for air travel. Because they need to be able to hold a lot of pressure and high impact while traveling in the air. So the term ATA cases were used to describe these cases that pass the standard. And this is how the term ATA cases became popular in the transportation industry.

To pass this standard specification, one of the most important factors you need in a case is the material they use to make it. So next, let’s find out some of the popular materials that people use to make flight cases.

The Best Material for Flight Cases

The most popular material that many flight case manufacturers use is aluminum. And this material has all the features that are suitable to make these cases. As a result, you can see many commonly available road cases or ATA cases containing aluminum as its main raw material. Because this material has strong shock-proof and durable characteristics that are perfect for making ATA cases. Also, when it comes to the production process, aluminum is also a flexible material that makes the manufacturing process easier without giving a hard time to its make.

So if you are ever in need of a flight case, then make sure you buy aluminum cases. While there are many other cases that contain materials like brass but they are not suitable as they do not have strong characteristics like aluminum. Therefore it’s always the safe choice to purchase aluminum flight cases for your business from a good vendor.

Are These Cases Waterproof?

Yes, without a doubt a good flight case needs to be waterproof. But we cannot measure all the cases on the market with this specification. Because not all manufacturers in the market provide a good product. So even though it should be waterproof, you might come across bad cases that do not have this property. Therefore to enjoy this feature you need to find a case made by a good flight case manufacturer. But it will take some time to do the necessary research but it will be totally worth it. Since having a water-proof feature on the flight case can help protect the items inside from various weather conditions.

As an item that is always traveling from one destination to another, it needs weather-proof features like being waterproof. Since you will never know what you face when these cases are out on travel or when its in storage. So with a feature like this, you can protect the items inside and have no worries during the transportation process.

What is a Flight Box?

As the name suggests, it is a box instead of a case and has all the characteristics of the flight case. Sometimes the items that we need to transport can be large in size. So instead of a case, you can buy a large flight box to transport the valuable goods. And same as before the best material for these flight boxes is also aluminum. Again make sure you buy these boxes from a good vendor in the market to enjoy all the features it brings to the table same as a flight case.

image of portable flight cases


After reading this article, you can learn how much important this case is to the transportation industry. Also, going through the features these cases have, you can see how beneficial they are to this field of work, So if you are planning to buy them as someone who is in the field of transportation or moving goods, then make sure you buy these cases which are a necessary. But always keep in mind that you need to find a good flight case manufacturer to buy them to enjoy all these deatures and benfeits.

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