About Us


Manualand has been backed by an expert skill force for so many long years of over a decade to mark its success today. Our mission is to create opportunities for very many skilled individuals at our space by making available many more job opportunities at Manualand. We strongly believe in our ability to support the infrastructure by flattening that unemployment space.


Manualand has been the largest and the most renowned aluminum case designer and manufacturer in the world.  Laying behind our success is years of creative hard work of an amazing team of 100 Manualand members and our vision is to continue to thrive being the best in the industry expanding our services hitting milestones in the international market.

Company Profile

Manualand – a quality centered aluminum case manufacturer which had its humble beginnings in 2020 consisting of a team with over a decade of expertise on design and development of shock-absorbing and cushioning storing products. With a team of just over 100 highly skilled personnels we are able to serve over 7 high profile clients with an estimated annual output exceeding 100,000 units and make available a wide line-up of features for customization for many and all our aluminum cases. Manualand being a quality centered business it’s our responsibility to maintain consistent build quality throughout our line of products. Our products have been recognized and certified as one of the best in this competitive market.

There are key features of our products that make us stand out like shock absorption and buffering, packaging and more than anything our line of products are designed with ease of transport in mind. With ODM/OEM production availability, we provide 2D/3D designing and proofing for absolute perfection in the end product. Our client base is wide spread globally and sea transportation is our chosen mode to bring home your products to you.

We hold fast to our belief – Professional focus on producing the best quality products – and so we not just survive but thrive.

Carl Ying

Production Lines

Transforming superior quality raw materials into lasting aluminum cases available to utilize across industries.
Pieces Per Day

Production Capacity

Accumulating quality resources for a maximum daily production of 500 pieces of aluminum cases.

Staff Amount

An expert skill force of 100 Manualand members with over a decade long experience with Manualand production.