Orange Tote Box

Orange Tote Box

Manualand range of fully customizable high quality aluminum tool cases coming with a sponge inside engraved as per your specification to hold tools and other content of various shapes. The ABS wet-proof orange tote box. can be customized for the design, color, and other accessories added with your preferences.

Manualand production process incorporates laser engraving technology on all products and we make available variety of features to customize. Check out the options available for accessories and you can design your product accordingly. Contact Manualand customer care agent to design your product or proceed with your already available design.

Orange Tote Box

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Choose the accessories befitting your custom aluminum case

Our range of handles for Aluminum cases come in a long-lasting, high-quality make for a firm, comfortable and a confident grip, in different types and technology, customized for each specific product whether it be for a tool box, instrument case, road case, computer case or any other type upon your request.

Corners for your aluminum case are a necessary accessory to keep them protected against rough surfaces and potential accidents and Manualand accessory chain has corners in absolute quality, with a perfect balance of aluminum customizable in different sizes and shapes fitting different types of cases.

Request your sponge sitting, fitting into your aluminum case of any shape and size. We design the inner foam only at your request and customize it in colors with different materials, precision cut to fit the content precisely into the foam to avoid shaking, mixing or breaking, securing your content inside.

Aluminum case foot pads coming in different shapes made in high-quality material ensuring their durability, customized for their maximum performance with the ability to hold different weights with or without the content inside the aluminum case. Choose the footer of your liking and most importantly consider the practicality.

Protecting potential damage to the edges and foot of your aluminum case, we design hinge corners in style, letting you pick your favorite for your case. These knuckles are fine-cut and smoothened to avoid damages to and from the aluminum case protecting potential damages to the case and the carrier.

Manualand designs and manufactures advanced locks to protect your content inside the aluminum case and provide a luxury security especially to protected items. We have an array of lock types including latch locks, code locks, case locks, toggle latch locks, Buckle latch locks, and various other types of locks.

A range of safe and organized wheel types fixed to aluminum cases upon your request especially coming for large type cases carrying heavy content and suitcase type travelling cases for personal use – customizable for few options including color, weight, size, design of the cover and also the material type.

Aluminum veneer & sheet certified for premium quality and durability, used in the make of all Manualand aluminum cases made in layers of robust boards for strict resistance against water, shock and pressure especially to withstand unfavorable situations during shipping and transport and even during usage.

We have other accessory types such as plugs, belts required for hand carrying aluminum cases, document bags that go inside the aluminum cases for surface fitting, and heavy support for large size aluminum cases used during heavy content transport. Request for customization and we will discuss options.

Customize the inner foam

Customized inner foams ensure that products are secured and everything stays perfectly in place. You can select between an array of diffrent materials. Flexible foam can be cut precisely by an ultramodern water jet machine.


Absolutely yes. We offer ODM – Original Design Manufacturing as an option for our packaging items and deliver the exact design produced for your aluminum case.
Yes. We have the Manualand designing team for innovative designs and they are also dedicated in designing your idea and requirement for your aluminum case as well.
Manualand production process includes a design confirmation process and it is incorporated with a supporting service for our clients providing two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, two-dimensional and three-dimensional proofing sent to the client for product confirmation with a realistic view for your product idea and requirement.
Yes. We are certified for several aspects of our products including the waterproof and pressure-resistant qualities. We are dedicated to providing the best quality for our aluminum cases.
Upon the confirmation of your design at both ends, we begin the manufacturing process after accumulating material. Therefore the time estimation may vary. However, our production capacity; which is 500 pcs/day, will help you estimate a rough time. You can also contact our support team for an accurate estimation.

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